Minnesota’s economy relies on many immigrant workers for our farms, tourist infrastructure, and restaurants. I will introduce and support legislation that keeps our borders secure, but creates a path for those who seek the American way of life and want to work to support our central Minnesota employers.

While they may be undocumented immigrants, referring to human beings as “illegal” sets the tone for negative dialogue. We are a country of immigrants and our diversity is our strength. However, as a nation, we do not have unlimited resources. I will introduce legislation that creates a path to citizenship for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), creates fair and reasonable immigration laws that do not overburden the taxpayers, secures our borders, but requires humane and decent treatment of all human beings, and regulates and controls immigration for those who seek the American way of life.

I will identify strategies that work to support citizens in the nations where those citizens believe it’s safer to travel hundreds or thousands of miles through dangerous terrain to seek a safer life for themselves or their families rather than remain in their homeland. I understand that political asylum is a valid reason to immigrate. America cannot be a true world leader if we turn our backs on those most in need at the greatest time of their need.