Climate change is real; we must be good stewards of our environment, not only for economic and national security issues, but also for the existential threat to all humanity. Our future generations are counting on us to leave them a world with clean water and air; free from climate-induced natural disasters and excessive weather events, such as wildfires and flooding.

We must transform the climate change discussion from the anti-business narrative of excessive regulation to one that creates partnerships which will lead to economic incentives and policies to protect our environment. Our defense of the environment needs to be stronger than those that choose to ignore facts and science about our changing world.

One of the most significant hurdles to addressing climate change is the lobbying of big polluters and big fossil fuel companies. We need to work to reduce or all together eliminate the influence of those who continually put their profits over the health of our people. Climate deniers often cite the cost of transitioning to cleaner energy sources, but the cost of doing nothing will be much higher, both in dollars and in human suffering.


Tom Emmer continually puts the needs of corporate profits ahead of our environment. Three prominent environmental groups — The League of Conservation Voters, Clean Water Action, and the National Parks Conservation Association — have all given Tom Emmer a recent rating of 0%.